A study of beam based MUSIC imaging for extended scatterers

  • Tal Heilpern, Ehud Heyman
  • Published 2014 in 2014 XXXIth URSI General Assembly and Scientific Symposium (URSI GASS)


We study a beam domain algorithm for imaging of extended perfect conducting scatterers. In this approach, the physical data measured for arrays of point sources and receivers, is first converted into a beam-domain data where the source and the receiver arrays are described by phase-space sets of beam waves. This synthetic beam-domain data describes the scattering amplitudes "measured" by each receiver beam due to each source beam. The images are then formed via a MUSIC analysis directly in the beam domain. The scheme benefits from the spatial localization of the data in the beam domain which leads to reduced complexity and to filtering of data and noise arriving from non-relevant directions. The results are compared to a conventional Green's function based MUSIC imaging.


3 Figures and Tables

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