[Gynaecological problems in women patients on dialysis treatment and in women following renal transplants (author's transl)].


Women patients on permanent dialysis treatment or after transplants display on the whole an increased rate of malignomas; however, it has so far not been possible to assess the relevant incidence in a uniform manner. Hence, regular gynaecological examination should be the rule in order to detect and treat carcinoma risk changes in the genital region. Within the framework of a special gynaecological consultation for renal patients we found in 81 women patients under dialysis treatment one patient with carcinoma of the cervix and one patient with corpus carcinoma. In two cases a cystic ovarial tumour was operated on. To date the 21 patients who had undergone renal transplant surgery did not show any malignant change in the genital region. Choice of contraceptives should rule out the intrauterine device because of the increased hazard of infection under immunosuppressive treatment. Ovulation inhibitors with higher oestrogen doses represent an additional hypertensive risk. Treatment with low-dosage gestagens should produce the lowest rate of side effects.


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