[Thrombolytic therapy as pretreatment before vascular operations and radiologic interventions].


The authors describe their 60 cases of thrombolysis with steptokinase (SK). Thrombolysis was required in 55 patients because of arterial, while in 5 patients because of venous side thrombosis. The 73% of the patients with arterial occlusion where thrombolysis was applied belonged Fountain stage IV, while 27% to Fountain stage III. Graft occlusion occurred in 60% of all cases and the acute or subacute thrombosis of the native vessels required thrombolysis in 40%. The thrombolysis alone was sufficient in 26 patients, while it was completed with PTA in 9, with PTA and implantation of stent in 1 and with vascular surgical procedure in 10 cases. Reconstruction surgery was the final solution in 4 patients, for whom the thrombolysis was inadequate. Amputation was unavoidable in 8 cases. The thrombolysis therapy was successful in 77% in our experience. The high number of hemorrhagic complications was due to the bleeding of puncture hole. It needed surgical suture in 10 cases.


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