Transactions in Distributed Event-Based Middleware

  • Luis Vargas, Jean Bacon, Ken Moody
  • Published 2006 in The 8th IEEE International Conference on E-Commerce Technology and The 3rd IEEE International Conference on Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce, and E-Services (CEC/EEE'06)


Distributed event-based middleware (DEBM) provides a basis for the interoperation of autonomous components in large-scale systems. Transactions ensure the atomic and reliable execution of operations that involve interconnected clients. Integrating transactions and DEBM is a challenging software design problem with important applications. This paper presents the Hermes transaction service (HTS), a service that supports event-driven applications with transactional requirements. HTS uses transaction-context propagation via event notifications, where the contexts of publishers and subscribers are interrelated within a mixed transaction. Clients may opt to be compensatable or non-compensatable. Optional anonymity of transaction participants is supported through hash-based set memberships


16 Figures and Tables

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