Efficiency Analyses on DC-Rail Zero Voltage Transition Three-Phase Inverters

  • Ming Zhengfeng, Deng Yefeng
  • Published 2007 in IECON 2007 - 33rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society


In this paper, it is discussed that the switching power losses and the efficiency raising on a novel soft-switching three-phase PWM inverter for motor drive, and gives out the selection condition of resonant inductance and resonant capacitance so that obtaining the advantages include high switch frequency and reducing switching power loss and high efficiency in soft-switching PWM inverter . And gives out the inclusion that the soft-switching three-phase PWM inverter can operate in high switch frequency and the efficiency of it is raised obviously if resonant components is selected suitably through a detailed theoretically analysis . Finally, the validity of theoretically analysis is verified by calculation to the specific circuit.


3 Figures and Tables

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